What is Plush Puppets

a figurine depicting a human (often an infant), animal or fictional humanoid, nowadays usually made of plastic and fabric.

What is Plush Puppets

plush puppets are most often used as toys for children, mostly girls. Other types of plush puppets are for older children and collectible adults. Dolls can also be a decorative element. In some cultures, they have symbolic meaning and are used in ceremonies and rituals as idols representing deities.

Archeological research shows that they belong to the oldest toys known to mankind – they were found in Egyptian tombs dated 2000 BC.


What is the difference between marionettes and puppets

Originating from the French term marionette, puppet theater, puppetry or puppetry is a traditional form of artistic presentation. It consists of dolls that represent animals, people or animated objects that are manipulated by people through the twine. Usually, puppeteers manipulate puppeteers, who are hiding behind a screen. Only the dolls are visible on small stages. Puppet theater is widely used for children’s entertainment.

French director François Truffaut in the movie The Misunderstood presents a puppet theater in one of the best-known scenes in film history. In a theater with a crowded audience of children, Truffaut uses a puppet show to show the emotions the show causes in children. The story presented is the Little Red Riding Hood fable and it is possible to hear the screams, see the features of anguish, joy, fright, and laughter that the puppet play causes in children, without the need for humans to appear on the stage.

what is the difference between marionettes and puppets

François Truffaut’s film dates back to 1959, but the history of puppet theater arose in France during the Middle Ages. At the time, marionettes were called marionettes, a diminutive for the very name Maria. The puppet was also known in Japanese culture by the name of bunkers, which were performances of puppets manipulated by wands. This type of puppet use by the Japanese began in 1684 in Osaka Prefecture.

Another place where puppets were quite popular in Sicily. Called Sicilian puppets, the performances were performed under Provençal and Norman influence. At the time, romantic poems from France were represented as the Song of Rolando. In addition to the puppets, the pieces were made with wood-only puppets and were called Puppet Opera. These performances were strongly influenced by the Provencal troubadours that inhabited the region in the period of Frederick II of Germania. One of the places that best kept the puppet tradition is Palermo, in the Sicilian region.

what is the difference between marionettes and puppets

Puppet composition and manipulation

The three items that make up a puppet are an animated puppet, manipulating strings and the commando, or crosshead, which is where the puppeteer controls the puppet’s movements. To manipulate puppets, it is necessary to understand the structural and mechanical principles of movements of the human body. Over time, this art has been incorporating new techniques and technologies that have made the movement of dolls increasingly realistic.


How to make marionettes

The Puppet Theater, Puppet Theater or Puppet Theater is the name given to the theater made using puppets, puppets or puppets, all used with human manipulation, especially where there is a small stage set with scenery, curtains and everything else. more than featuring a presentation.

The Puppet Theater and Its History

Puppet theater is an ancient form of cultural and artistic expression, having its origins for over three thousand years. Since then the dolls have been used to animate and convey ideas or even criticism of the society of the time.

how to make marionettes

Some scholars on the subject argue that the use of puppets and puppets in these theaters even anticipated the use of people. Studies indicate that they were already used in ancient Egypt, around 2000 BC, where puppets were made from wooden figures conducted through the string.

In some tombs, articulated dolls of clay and ivory were found, conducted with cords. Some hieroglyphics contain in their inscription descriptions of “walking statues” that were used in religious plays.

Learn How To Make A Puppet

Footsteps and Materials

  • First, you will need a regular box of toothpaste, cardboard. With it in hand, squeeze the sides in the middle and still cut it in half.
  • Each part of the box will serve to make a puppet’s body.
    With the help of a skewer, make a hole in the lid.
  • Take two cuts in the box so you can fit the arms.
  • Take a barbecue stick and, in the end, stick a Styrofoam ball. Pass the toothpick the entire length of the box, causing the ball to be attached to the open side.
  • With an ice cream stick or thick cardboard, the strip goes all over the box, forming the arms, using the cut that was made.
  • Paste everything to fix the barbecue skewer and ice cream stick in the box to form the body of the doll.
    From this structure, you can create any character the way you see fit. Take glue-moistened toilet paper, make small balls and place it on the doll’s face to mount the nose and ear. A very thin strip of paper can be used to create the outline of the mouth. A portion of a Styrofoam ball can be used to create a big belly.
  • After bonding all parts of the body, take strips of toilet paper and glue all over the piece using plenty of white glue. The paper joins the glue well dissolved in water and forms a very nice texture, which after drying can be painted, just like papier-mache.

how to make marionettes

The Accessories

From this stage, when the doll is ready, you can assemble accessories to compose the peculiarities of the characters. For example, with an empty toilet paper roll, you can cut a crown for the king. Use as a mold measure a plastic soda cap.

  • Paste the sides well, remove the measurement cap and draw a zigzag using graphite pencil and clipping.
  • Cover with toilet paper and dissolved glue to make the finish.
  • Put colored wool threads on the head to make the hair and after that, stick the crown on the head or make a hat. If you want you can also make the character bald.
    If you wrap a thin wire around a pencil, you can make beautiful and fun glasses.
  • A piece of fabric, well wet with glue, can be wrapped around the neck to form a king or queen cloak or cloak.
  • The same process can be used to assemble other characters. Use all your creativity and imagination to make beautiful stories.

how to make marionettes

Puppet Theater – Scenery


  • Two of cardboard shoeboxes
  • Two toothpaste boxes
  • Some newspaper sheets
  • Some pieces of cloth
  • A 30 cm ruler
  • Some pins
  • Some wooden barbecue skewers
  • A large white glue tube
  • A scissor
  • A boring brush
  • Some Styrofoam balls about 5 inches in diameter
  • Colored inks, white and other favorite colors.

The first thing to do is set up the theater box and then use the characters you learned to do earlier. Once you can assemble the first one, you’ll have the experience to create all the others. The cat’s leap is always to pass the wet paper with white glue on the pieces and wait for drying before painting.

how to make marionettes

It takes a lot of patience and even a little organization, trying to take care of every detail.

  • With one of the shoe boxes, draw a border of approximately 3 inches on all sides and still at the bottom of the box and cut around.
  • Remove the part that was cut, saving the strips for later reuse.
  • Put the lid in the box to draw a new margin with 3 cm also on each side
  • Cut around, as was done earlier. It is through this space that the puppets will be moved. Stick the lid to the box using glue on the sides. This lid
    will serve as background to compose the scenario.
  • Take the next box and remove the lid, if it sticks, remove it. Place the box that was previously mounted on the second and draw a pencil drawing through space already cut in the first so that the same box is cut into the box below.
  • Cut out the part that was drawn.
  • The box with the lid glued should be on top.
  • Put a box of toothpaste on top using the glue where the theater sign will be made.

how to make marionettes

Now that it’s all set up, it’s time to paper to provide uniformity and better texture to the job.

  • Cut out several strips of newspaper and also dissolve in a saucer glue and some water. Glue the newspaper strips to the box and apply the glue to moisten the paper well, until the whole piece is wrapped with the mixture.
  • Once dry, pass the white paint over the theater.
  • Embellish the theater any way you want, using colored ink and lettering, or whatever your imagination achieves.

How to make hand puppets from paper

One craft that people of all ages can enjoy is to cut a chain of people holding hands of paper. However, it may end up being harder than it sounds. If not done correctly, the chain can break and the dolls will look more like monsters. If you take the time and learn the right way to make the dolls turn on, you can make a masterpiece. Follow the simple walkthrough to make sure your game is complete and visually stunning.

How to make hand puppets

Step 1
Fold your piece of paper in half the longest length. Open it and fold the top end to the middle and bottom end as well. This will be three folds and four sections of a paper.

Step 2
Use scissors to cut each section separately. So, with four strips.

Step 3
Starting at the left end, draw a person gently with a pencil. Have your head, hands, and feet touching the top, bottom, and side of the page, respectively, ensuring that the chain is tight.

Step 4
Fold the strip under the person so that the folds are in the right corner of the paper. The width of the first fold is the same size as the person you created. Now fold down the doll again, but to the other side. Keep doing this until all the paper is used. Fit the overlays so that no material over the corners. You should have something like an accordion when you’re done.

How to make hand puppets

Step 5
Use scissors to cut the line of the head, hands, back, and feet. Do not cut where the body part meets the fold. If it cuts, the current will break and everything will be disconnected.

Step 6
Open your doll chain. Place it on top of another strip of paper and outline the first person on the left. Repeat the whole process you did in the first craft to have all identical.


How to make hand puppets from socks

Want to learn how to make sock puppets? So enjoy all that we have on this subject and still be inspired by the various models you will also check out.

Making puppets can be quite simple, you will see a process of how to make easy puppets that only takes a few minutes, but at the end of the work has a beautiful and fun toy. Children love puppets to hear stories and have fun with adults. But you can also use the puppets you will make to decorate the children’s room by letting the puppets hang on the beds or other furniture.

How to make hand puppets from socks

How to Make Puppets

To make sock puppet you will need:

  • Half of your own;
  • Felt scraps of the colors or patterns of your choice;
  • Common scissors;
  • Sewing thread with color matching the chosen materials;
  • Black wool;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • Plastic movable eyes or the eye models of your choice.

Step by Step Puppet

Start by sorting out all the materials you will use in the process of making sock puppets. Cut the heel of the sock to create the ears. Turn inside out. Sew the parts of the ears with the aid of the hand needle and sewing thread. Still inside out, align the end of the sock and pull to frown. Finish the thread and cut it. To decorate your puppet, create mustaches with black wool and sew, glue eyes and muzzle. Cut the tongue out.

How to make hand puppets from socks

To finish your piece, simply sew the tongue inside the puppet’s mouth, inside the part where it was pursed. And it’s ready!