Bluetooth Headphones, HD Stereo Sound Bass in-Ear Wireless Earbuds Waterproof IPX5 Noise Cancelling Cordless Sport Headset for Both Indoor/Outdoor Activities (Black)

  • [AMAZING HIFI QUALITY SOUND] Wireless mini Bluetooth earbuds earpiece 3d sound and high sound quality. Professional V5.0 bluetooth earbuds noise canceling technology can reduce environmental noise and echo, ensure the sound quality is clear when you listening to the music and calling.
  • [SWEATPROOF AND IPX5 WATERPROOF] Waterproof and sweatproof design, Please be assured use when you running, exercising, fitness, workout, biking and hiking in the rainy day. Do not afraid missing calls when you are working, Sports, Running, Cycling, Gym, Travelling, Driving and More. IPX5 waterproof material, no longer worry about water and sweat will damage it.
  • [STRONG COMPATIBILITY] Supports all Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, singing it, QQ music, movies, Smartphone, Computer, MP4, MP3, etc., universal all mobile phone. Send and receive calls with quick and stable Bluetooth connections.

Product Description

Bluetooth Headphones, HD Stereo Sound Bass in-Ear Wireless Earbuds Waterproof IPX5 Noise Cancelling Cordless Sport Headset for Both Indoor/Outdoor Activities (Black) : Product Description

First, let’s start with “What is Bluetooth?”

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard. Compatible devices can exchange data without connecting cables. The valid range is about 10m. Because it is an international standard, any compatible device can be connected by any manufacturer in each country.

Bluetooth mark
A person who says, “I can’t get right to the point …” may be more natural to understand if you listen to the examples. For example, imagine a Bluetooth earphone.

Until now, earphones were designed to insert the end of a cable into a smartphone or PC. However, if you connect a Bluetooth-compatible headset to your smartphone, you don’t need a rope. To wirelessly transmit music data from smartphones to earphones, Bluetooth earphones can also be used in independent shapes like earplugs.

How to set up pairing using iPhone

1. First, launch the iPhone settings screen and tap “Bluetooth.”
2. When Bluetooth is turned on, it will detect nearby devices, so tap it.
3. Tap the device, and if “Connected” is displayed, pairing is complete.

How to set up pairing using an Android smartphone

1. Launch the Settings screen and tap “Bluetooth.”
2. Turn on Bluetooth to detect nearby devices.
3. Since pairing is required, tap “OK” to complete the setting.

The setting method varies slightly depending on the terminal and OS version, but if you turn on Bluetooth, it will automatically detect nearby devices. The procedure is not complicated, so check it on your device.

Procedure to connect Bluetooth earphone with Windows PC

1. Start pairing
First, operate the buttons on the Bluetooth earphone side to start matching.

The operation method differs depending on the earphone or speaker, so check the manual.

* Playing and stopping, power and volume are nothing, but you may start pairing by pressing and holding a relevant button.

2. Add device
Open “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel, and click “Add Device.”

Many people drop out without finding this. Now, click on this to start searching for devices.

When the Bluetooth earphone is detected automatically, the device installation will begin.

Windows now recognize the Bluetooth earphone as a playback device.

3. Priority output for Bluetooth earphones
However, with this alone, you will not be able to hear the sound from the Bluetooth earphone. As before, you will get out of the speaker.

This is because the speaker you have been using has priority over Bluetooth as the output destination.

Go to “Control Panel”-> “Sound,” right-click the icon that says “Bluetooth Audio Device,” and try “Set as Default Device.”

About behavior
With this setting, the sound of the Windows PC will be played from the Bluetooth earphone, but no sound will be output from the speaker.

Here, when you turn off the Bluetooth earphone, it automatically switches to output from the speaker.

Also, when you turn on the Bluetooth earphone again, the output to the Bluetooth earphone has priority still, and the sound output from the speaker stops.