KZ ZS10 Pro 4BA+1DD Hybrid in-Ear Earphone with High Resolution 075mm 2pin Connector Detachable Cable (Without MIC, Purple)

  • 【STUNNING SOUND QUALITY】The KZ ZS10 Pro has 1 Dynamic and 4 Balanced Armature Drivers to handle all the frequencies from the lows, mids to the highs. The Dual 30095 Balanced Armature drivers handles the High Frequencies giving it superior performing clarity. The dual 50060 Balancee Armature drivers handles the modrange frequency to producte a sound that is both clear and natural. The single 10mm dynamic driver handles the low frequency which enables the ZS10 Pro to have a deep and impactful bas
  • 【COMPREHENSIVE APPEARANCE】Compared with KZ ZS10, the ZS10 Pro uses a combination of metal shell and resin body. The body of KZ ZS10 Pro is completely hypoallergenic and uses non-toxic safe-to-use components. Long listening sessions are also addressed by the ZS10 Pro’s ergonomic design which also have strong impact and corrosion resistance.
  • 【DETACHABLE CABLES, 0.75MM 2-PIN CONNECTOR AND 3.5MM PLUG】The KZ ZS10 Pro comes with the standard 0.75mm 2-Pin removable cable. Compatible with all 3.5mm audio jack smart phones and devices including music players, laptops, tablets and a whole lot more.

Product Description

KZ ZS10 Pro 4BA+1DD Hybrid in-Ear Earphone with High Resolution 075mm 2pin Connector Detachable Cable (Without MIC, Purple) : Product Description

So how are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi different?

The first is the familiar Wi-Fi, which is good at connecting multiple devices simultaneously. It has been created as a hub that connects to the Internet. The communication speed is breakneck, and it is good at mass data communication. However, because of its considerable power consumption, it is used for stationary devices such as routers that can supply power from outlets.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, is a technology designed for one-to-one communication. Both communication speed and communication distance are weaker than Wi-Fi, but they consume less power and can be used for long-term devices such as keyboards and mice. Since these devices have a small amount of data to be communicated at one time, data delay is unlikely to occur.

Actual Bluetooth connection procedure

step 1:
Turn on Bluetooth on the player side (transmitting side).

For iPhone

* The following image is a screenshot of my iPhone.

  • (1) Open the settings.
    First, open the setting screen. Bluetooth is [Off] in the image. Tap here!
  • (2) Tap Bluetooth in the settings.
    Bluetooth on / off switching button. The white color is off!
  • (3) Turn on Bluetooth.

※iPhone6S! The appearance may be slightly different depending on the version!

Step 2:
Please turn on the power of the earphone (receiving side) and set it to the pairing mode.

Pairing, i.e., connection mode! This process tends to stumble. It’s not the end after turning on the power. For most devices, the pairing mode is often set by pressing and holding the power button from power-off until the lamp flashes red and blue. Light or not, there are various and Tari a button of the playback is stopped, not the power switch, but generally is long press from the time of power supply OFF is!

Step 3:
Select the model of the earphone (reception side) on the player side (transmission side).

For iPhone

  • (1) Find the device you want to pair.
    After pairing the earphones and headphones, check the setting screen on the player again! The name of the paired device will be searched!
  • (2) Tap the device name.
    Tap the name of the device to complete the connection! [Connected] is displayed!

※ iPhone6S! The appearance may be slightly different depending on the version!

One point advice ☆
In many cases, the connection after the first time skips the pairing process in step 2 and connects the transmitter and receiver. If you can’t connect, try pairing again!

Procedure to connect Bluetooth earphone with Windows PC

1. Start pairing
First, operate the buttons on the Bluetooth earphone side to start matching.

The operation method differs depending on the earphone or speaker, so check the manual.

* Playing and stopping, power and volume are nothing, but you may start pairing by pressing and holding a relevant button.

2. Add device
Open “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel, and click “Add Device.”

Many people drop out without finding this. Now, click on this to start searching for devices.

When the Bluetooth earphone is detected automatically, the device installation will begin.

Windows now recognize the Bluetooth earphone as a playback device.

3. Priority output for Bluetooth earphones
However, with this alone, you will not be able to hear the sound from the Bluetooth earphone. As before, you will get out of the speaker.

This is because the speaker you have been using has priority over Bluetooth as the output destination.

Go to “Control Panel”-> “Sound,” right-click the icon that says “Bluetooth Audio Device,” and try “Set as Default Device.”

About behavior
With this setting, the sound of the Windows PC will be played from the Bluetooth earphone, but no sound will be output from the speaker.

Here, when you turn off the Bluetooth earphone, it automatically switches to output from the speaker.

Also, when you turn on the Bluetooth earphone again, the output to the Bluetooth earphone has priority still, and the sound output from the speaker stops.