Avantree Bluetooth 5.0 Bone Conduction Headphones with Mic, Open Ear Behind-The-Head Wireless Headset for Watching TV (No Audio Delay, Support Hearing Aids), Housework, Office and Cycling – HS136

  • 【OPEN EAR DESIGN】Open ear design enables you to stay aware of your surroundings – unlike using earbuds, earphones or headphones, keeping you safe while you’re on the road. Advanced bone conduction technology delivers sound wave vibrations through the facial bone directly to the cochlea, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum making these suitable even for those with hearing deficiencies.
  • 【HEARING AID SUPPORT】Bone conduction with an open design frees up the outer ear, allowing users to even use these together with hearing aids. Pair the headphones together with any Avantree transmitter supporting FastStream (Oasis Plus, Audikast, TC419, etc.) and enjoy watching TV without audio delay.
  • 【SUPPORTS SIRI & GOOGLE ASSISTANT】Built-in mic position and sensitivity are optimized for voice pickup – enabling you to make crystal clear phone calls or use your voice to control Siri or Google Assistant for handsfree calling, texting, etc.

Product Description

Avantree Bluetooth 5.0 Bone Conduction Headphones with Mic, Open Ear Behind-The-Head Wireless Headset for Watching TV (No Audio Delay, Support Hearing Aids), Housework, Office and Cycling – HS136 : Product Description

So how are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi different?

The first is the familiar Wi-Fi, which is good at connecting multiple devices simultaneously. It has been created as a hub that connects to the Internet. The communication speed is breakneck, and it is good at mass data communication. However, because of its considerable power consumption, it is used for stationary devices such as routers that can supply power from outlets.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, is a technology designed for one-to-one communication. Both communication speed and communication distance are weaker than Wi-Fi, but they consume less power and can be used for long-term devices such as keyboards and mice. Since these devices have a small amount of data to be communicated at one time, data delay is unlikely to occur.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones (Android / iOS)

  • step 1 Put the headphones in device registration mode (pairing mode)

Hold down the “power” button or “PAIRING” button on the headphones until the lamp on the central unit blinks (about 7 seconds).
There are the following two patterns for the lamp blinking.

The blue lamp blinks twice each time
Blue and red lights flash alternately
Refer to the instruction manual as it varies depending on the model.

  • Step 2 Turn on the Bluetooth of the smartphone or tablet you want to connect

For Android
Select [Settings]-[Wireless & Networks]-[Bluetooth].
For iOS
Select [Settings]-[Bluetooth]

  • Step 3 Touch the displayed headphone model name on the smartphone or tablet screen.

* If you are asked for a passkey, enter “0000 (Zero Zero Zero Zero)”.
A passkey is sometimes called a passcode, PIN code, PIN, password, etc.

The pairing is completed.

Procedure to connect Bluetooth earphone with Windows PC

1. Start pairing
First, operate the buttons on the Bluetooth earphone side to start matching.

The operation method differs depending on the earphone or speaker, so check the manual.

* Playing and stopping, power and volume are nothing, but you may start pairing by pressing and holding a relevant button.

2. Add device
Open “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel, and click “Add Device.”

Many people drop out without finding this. Now, click on this to start searching for devices.

When the Bluetooth earphone is detected automatically, the device installation will begin.

Windows now recognize the Bluetooth earphone as a playback device.

3. Priority output for Bluetooth earphones
However, with this alone, you will not be able to hear the sound from the Bluetooth earphone. As before, you will get out of the speaker.

This is because the speaker you have been using has priority over Bluetooth as the output destination.

Go to “Control Panel”-> “Sound,” right-click the icon that says “Bluetooth Audio Device,” and try “Set as Default Device.”

About behavior
With this setting, the sound of the Windows PC will be played from the Bluetooth earphone, but no sound will be output from the speaker.

Here, when you turn off the Bluetooth earphone, it automatically switches to output from the speaker.

Also, when you turn on the Bluetooth earphone again, the output to the Bluetooth earphone has priority still, and the sound output from the speaker stops.