ATC Hi-fi Wireless/Wired Dual Mode Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Headset with Micphone for Cellphones Laptop Tablet TV Headphones(Blue)

  • WIRELESS & WIRED CONNECTION with devices: you can use the aux cable 3.5 mm for connecting the headphone and audio device. The cable is including in package.
  • CUSTOMARY DESIGN & CHARACTERISTICS: universal matte black finish perfect for both men and women, adjustable headband, rotatable headphone, charge time 1.5 hours, play time more 6 hours, talk time more 8 hours, standby time more 80 hours, working distance range 10 m (33 feet).
  • EXCELLENT STEREO SOUND & CLEAR COMMUNICATION: used Bluetooth V4.0 version & built-in HD microphone get HI-FI sound with necessary bass quality, used CVC noise cancellation technology which reduces external noises when you speak or enjoy music.

Product Description

ATC Hi-fi Wireless/Wired Dual Mode Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Headset with Micphone for Cellphones Laptop Tablet TV Headphones(Blue) : Product Description

What is “Bluetooth”?

Wireless communication technology for exchanging data communication between digital devices over short distances.

In other words, in a more familiar sense, the “thing” that connects the remote control for operation with the radio control unit is the image of Bluetooth. Wireless technology that can be operated without wires.

You set up and use a method called “pairing” between your Bluetooth product and your smartphone.

The pair is “Pair,” which means “two things become one.
It is the same meaning as that pair that is said to be a pair of two at the time of the athletic meet.

How to set up pairing using iPhone

1. First, launch the iPhone settings screen and tap “Bluetooth.”
2. When Bluetooth is turned on, it will detect nearby devices, so tap it.
3. Tap the device, and if “Connected” is displayed, pairing is complete.

How to set up pairing using an Android smartphone

1. Launch the Settings screen and tap “Bluetooth.”
2. Turn on Bluetooth to detect nearby devices.
3. Since pairing is required, tap “OK” to complete the setting.

The setting method varies slightly depending on the terminal and OS version, but if you turn on Bluetooth, it will automatically detect nearby devices. The procedure is not complicated, so check it on your device.

Pair with Mac (macOS) PC

  • step 1 Apple menu select [System Preferences] from the [ ] menu on the computer
  • Step 2 Select [Bluetooth]
  • Step 3 Set the headphones to the device registration mode (pairing mode).

Check that the main unit lamp blinks blue and red alternately, or that blue blinks twice consecutively.

Hold down the “power” button or “PAIRING” button on the headphones until the lamp on the central unit blinks (about 7 seconds).
There are the following two patterns for the lamp blinking.

The blue lamp blinks twice each time
Blue and red lights flash alternately
Refer to the instruction manual as it varies depending on the model.

  • Step 4 Select the [Connect] button to the right of [〇〇 (headphone model name)] displayed in the [Device] field.

* If you are asked for a passkey, enter “0000 (Zero Zero Zero Zero)”.
A passkey is sometimes called a passcode, PIN code, PIN, password, etc.

  • Step 5 Confirm that “Connected” is displayed under the headphone model name.

This completes the pairing process with the headphones.