Sleep Headphones | Bluetooth 5.0 Sleeping headphones Mask, Flashmen Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Stereo Sleep Eye Mask Headphone with Speaker Mic for Sleeping Travel Audio-book Music | Washable

  • ▷|| ENJOY MUSIC, AUDIO-BOOK OR TV EPISODE WHILE SLEEPING ▷|| After researching a mass of data and feedback, we update every detail of the regular sleep headphones and make a better sleep headphones mask for sleeping. It is a must-have item for people who is keen on listening to music or audio-book before fall asleep in bed. It is also suitable for light sleeper, frequent traveler or people who want to block out unpleasant sound close by. Extremely soft and convenient.
  • ▷|| ENHANCED BLUETOOTH 5.0 SLEEP HEADPHONES, CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND ▷|| After lots of survey and test, we finally found the best sound for this sleep headphones. Customized driver unit achieves wide-range sound reproduction. Featuring with stereo output, this sleeping headphone delivers an extremely gentle listening experience. Bluetooth 5.0 also help reduce power consumption and extend battery life. With a powerful 150mah rechargeable battery, refresh 2 hours continue to use for up to 13 hours.
  • ▷|| EXTREMELY SOFT AND BREATHABLE MATERIAL, ADJUSTABLE STRAP, ONE SIZE FIT MOST ▷|| Adopted with ergonomic design, this sleep headphones will close fitting your eyes, 100% block out the light. Made of smooth and breathable material, it will never let you feel hot while wearing. Adjustable strap make it fits every head size perfectly, no size problem. Compared with in-ear sleeping headphones, this over-ear sleeping headphones mask won’t hurt your ear or make you feel uncomfortable.

Product Description

Sleep Headphones | Bluetooth 5.0 Sleeping headphones Mask, Flashmen Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Stereo Sleep Eye Mask Headphone with Speaker Mic for Sleeping Travel Audio-book Music | Washable : Product Description

So how are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi different?

The first is the familiar Wi-Fi, which is good at connecting multiple devices simultaneously. It has been created as a hub that connects to the Internet. The communication speed is breakneck, and it is good at mass data communication. However, because of its considerable power consumption, it is used for stationary devices such as routers that can supply power from outlets.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, is a technology designed for one-to-one communication. Both communication speed and communication distance are weaker than Wi-Fi, but they consume less power and can be used for long-term devices such as keyboards and mice. Since these devices have a small amount of data to be communicated at one time, data delay is unlikely to occur.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones (Android / iOS)

  • step 1 Put the headphones in device registration mode (pairing mode)

Hold down the “power” button or “PAIRING” button on the headphones until the lamp on the central unit blinks (about 7 seconds).
There are the following two patterns for the lamp blinking.

The blue lamp blinks twice each time
Blue and red lights flash alternately
Refer to the instruction manual as it varies depending on the model.

  • Step 2 Turn on the Bluetooth of the smartphone or tablet you want to connect

For Android
Select [Settings]-[Wireless & Networks]-[Bluetooth].
For iOS
Select [Settings]-[Bluetooth]

  • Step 3 Touch the displayed headphone model name on the smartphone or tablet screen.

* If you are asked for a passkey, enter “0000 (Zero Zero Zero Zero)”.
A passkey is sometimes called a passcode, PIN code, PIN, password, etc.

The pairing is completed.

How to pair your computer with a Bluetooth device such as headphones, a mobile phone, or another computer.

  1. In Windows, search for and open Bluetooth and other devices.
    NOTE: If you don’t return any results in Bluetooth and other devices, your computer may not support Bluetooth.
  2. On the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab, change the Bluetooth setting to “On.”
  3. Click Add a Bluetooth or other device to start searching for tools.
  4. Click [Bluetooth] as the type of device to add.
  5. Select the Bluetooth device you want to add from the list.
  6. When prompted, enter your PIN and click Connect. If you don’t see the PIN, enter the default PIN ” 0000 ” often used for Bluetooth devices.
  7. Review the authentication message for the device you are connecting to now and approve the news or grant access.
  8. Follow the instructions on your computer and device to complete the pairing process. A confirmation message appears when the device is paired.

NOTE: If you see an authentication error, it’s too long. Move the device closer and try pairing again.