Wireless Bluetooth Sports Fitness Headphones V4.2, TF Card (Micro-SD) Slot for Playing Songs | Suitable for Music or Phone Calls During Activities (Black)

  • [Bluetooth Wireless] Bluetooth Headphones come with Version 4.2, which enables high speed audio streaming with low power consumption. Wireless range is within 10 meters. It is compatible with IOS, Android devices, and computers; Laptops, PCs, TVs alike. With its built in high sensitivity microphone, not only music listening, chatting with friends and family is seamless. It is great looking, and foldable for ease of carrying.
  • [TF card (micro-SD card) support] Your MP3 songs saved on micro-SD card can be played on the headphones; especially when you do need Bluetooth function.
  • [3.5mm connector] With the 3.5mm cable, you can used the headphones as a wired headphones connecting to cellphones, laptops alike. Especially when battery is low, you may use wired function easily.

Product Description

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Fitness Headphones V4.2, TF Card (Micro-SD) Slot for Playing Songs | Suitable for Music or Phone Calls During Activities (Black) : Product Description

What is “Bluetooth”?

Wireless communication technology for exchanging data communication between digital devices over short distances.

In other words, in a more familiar sense, the “thing” that connects the remote control for operation with the radio control unit is the image of Bluetooth. Wireless technology that can be operated without wires.

You set up and use a method called “pairing” between your Bluetooth product and your smartphone.

The pair is “Pair,” which means “two things become one.
It is the same meaning as that pair that is said to be a pair of two at the time of the athletic meet.

Connect headphones directly to your Bluetooth device.

Turn on the headphones and press and hold the Power / Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth light flashes blue. You will hear a prompt saying, “Another device is ready to connect” (if voice guidance is enabled). If the headphones are turned on for the first time, the headphones are already in this state.

The power button on the headphones
Turn on Bluetooth on the connected device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

In your device’s Bluetooth settings menu, select your headphones. If your headphones do not appear in the list, you will need to tap “Search,” “Scan,” “Pair new device,” etc. in the Bluetooth menu of the device There maybe.

When connected, you will hear an audio prompt saying, “Connected to <device name>.”

How to pair your computer with a Bluetooth device such as headphones, a mobile phone, or another computer.

  1. In Windows, search for and open Bluetooth and other devices.
    NOTE: If you don’t return any results in Bluetooth and other devices, your computer may not support Bluetooth.
  2. On the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab, change the Bluetooth setting to “On.”
  3. Click Add a Bluetooth or other device to start searching for tools.
  4. Click [Bluetooth] as the type of device to add.
  5. Select the Bluetooth device you want to add from the list.
  6. When prompted, enter your PIN and click Connect. If you don’t see the PIN, enter the default PIN ” 0000 ” often used for Bluetooth devices.
  7. Review the authentication message for the device you are connecting to now and approve the news or grant access.
  8. Follow the instructions on your computer and device to complete the pairing process. A confirmation message appears when the device is paired.

NOTE: If you see an authentication error, it’s too long. Move the device closer and try pairing again.