How does the ventriloquist technique work?

To find out, you need to know how the voice is produced!

Have you ever seen any ventriloquial performances? It is amazing! Ventriloquist’s skill makes us believe that the doll is talking! This technique is so convincing that during the Middle Ages the activity was considered a kind of witchcraft!

Although it sounds magical, ventriloquy is simply the art of projecting the voice without moving the lips. So it seems that the sound doesn’t come from the speaker, but from somewhere else – usually from a puppet that moves its mouth like a puppet, which confuses us.

How does the ventriloquist technique work

To understand how this happens, we need to know how the voice is produced: it is a mixture of the vibration of our vocal cords with the control of air in and out of our lungs.

The more we move our mouths to speak, the clearer the sound of our speech. This is where the ventriloquist’s secret lies: They develop, from training, the technique of speaking without moving their lips.

The lips are closed or discreetly separated, but the tongue and roof of the mouth do the work, making up for this lack of movement. The voice that is produced, however, is affected, that is, it comes out different from the normal voice of the ventriloquist, which makes it seem even more that this voice belongs to the doll!

Try it: relax your lips, slightly parting them, make a thinner voice and just speak by moving your tongue. Go to the mirror and train … Maybe you discover new talent?