What is puppet theaters

Puppet theater is the term in theater for the puppet, puppet or manipulation dolls, especially those where the stage, curtains, sets, and other proper characters are constructed especially for the presentation.

what is puppet theaters

Story Of Puppet Theaters

Puppet theater is an ancient form of artistic expression that originated about three thousand years ago. Since then, dolls have been used to animate and communicate ideas or needs of various human societies.

Some historians argue that its use anticipated the actors in the theater. Evidence shows that they were used in Egypt in 2000 BC using string-operated wooden figures. Articulated cord-controlled ivory and clay dolls have also been found in Egyptian tombs. Hieroglyphics also describe “walking statues” used by the ancient Egyptians in religious plays.

what is puppet theaters

The earliest puppet writings are credited to Xenophon in a record dated 422 BC.

Michel Giacometti, a French ethnic-museologist who settled in Portugal from 1959, made an important collection of ethnographic data on puppet theater.


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